Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Design

  • Design Of Basic Process Control Systems (Bpcs)

Specifications For The Design, Configuration, Installation And Commissioning Of Distributed Control Systems (Dcs) And Bpcs And Accessories Including System Cabinets, Marshalling Racks Operator Interfaces, Printers, Power Supplies And All Other Peripherals
System Drawings Including System Architecture, Loop Diagrams, I/O Lists And Panel Drawings.

  • Electrical Power System Design

Load Calculations
Power cable Sizing and Layouts
Earthing Calculations and layouts
Lighting Calculations and Layouts


  • Design Of Safety Instrumented Systems (Sis)

Preparation Of Shutdown Philosophy For Sis Systems As Per International Codes And Standards

Specifications For Dcs Based Combined Safety Systems (Css) And Emergency Shutdown Systems

Layout Drawings For Shutdown Valve Locations And Cause And Effect Diagrams As Per The Shutdown Philosophy.

Design of LV/MV switchgears and E-Houses
Specifications, Datasheets and MRs for Electrical equipment like Generators, Motors etc,